What do the Colours Mean?

What is a Tartan?

According to the Scottish Register of Tartans

"Historically tartan was the everyday wear of Highlanders, spun, dyed, woven and fashioned locally. Wealthy families were able to afford brighter fabrics coloured with imported dyes and fashionably tailored.

In the eighteenth century the association of tartan with the Jacobites (considered outlaws and rebels by the British government) led to its proscription in the Highlands from 1747 to 1782. During this period tartan was worn in the lowlands of Scotland, often as a political statement. It was also popularised across the world as the uniform of the Highland regiments.

The end of proscription and the new romantic re-interpretation of Scottish history in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries led to the popularisation of ‘Highland Dress’, as worn by King George IV during his visit to Scotland in 1822 and promoted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Nowadays tartan is worn all over the world (not just by Scots), and is regularly seen on catwalks and in designer collections."

Not yet, but stay tuned!​

The Blues signify truth, hope, strength, and protection, all of which individuals require to perceive themselves and the world in which they live in a new way: with the faith and wisdom to foster new beginnings and explore the unlimited possibilities for which their unique talents and experiences have prepared them.  These aspects of the tartan also signify sincerity and problem solving, which are essential to embracing unlimited potential.

The Dark Blue is more intense and powerful than the other blue shades.  It intensifies all blue qualities - its protective properties become stronger and yield an environment in which dignity and trustworthiness may thrive.  It radiates coolness and tranquility without cooling intentions.  It emphasises intelligence, self-reliance, responsibility, and decision-making.  Dark blue also signifies transformation, through which we realize our unlimited potential…our unlimited possibilities.

The Green encourages restfulness, healing, and soothes pain.  It signifies life, both in and of itself, and as a process of fertility, growth, vitality, and renewal.  It reminds us by maintaining hope and persevering through pain, we can attain abundance, prosperity, and success.

The Purple signifies the power within each of us to overcome challenges and realize our unlimited potential.  Wisdom, visionary leadership, and passionate belief breed success, wealth, and respect for self and others.  These provide the independence to grow, change, and thrive as we push against our perceived limits…much like the thistle – a delicately beautiful flower with viciously sharp thorns – which exerts a defiant ability to flourish despite efforts to remove it.

The White symbolises protection and purification, which bring inner peace and ultimately happiness.  It signifies every being’s unlimited potential, so highlights and runs through the tartan’s foundation colours. 

In Scotland, wild white heather is uncommon.  It is closely associated with battles and conflict and is believed to bring good luck to whoever wears it.  In one traditional story, upon learning of her betrothed’s death in battle, Malvina’s tears turned purple heather to white: “Although it is the symbol of my sorrow, may the white heather bring good fortune to all who find it.”  Some consider the white flowers to have almost supernatural powers, which are believed to offer protection from harm, especially from rape or violent attack.  Although in some ways, JMAR Unlimited is a symbol of Jessika’s sorrow, she hopes her business will bring good fortune to all who find it!

The Silver is personal to Jessika and signifies a restoration of balance and stability to feminine energy, as well as protection from outside negativity. It is dignified and soothing; patient, but determined and organized.  Jessika has spent many years reflecting on her experiences and how best to shift their negativity to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  She has taken time to gather her energy, restore her balance, and reclaim her power.  Jessika is now ready to travel a new path of discovery and possibilities with you!  

Can I Wear or Purchase the JMAR Unlimited Tartan?

Jessika M. A. Rovell​

What is the JMAR Unlimited Tartan?

Coach.  Speaker.  Author. 

JMAR Unlimited Official Tartan

The JMAR Unlimited Tartan is a bespoke design by Prickly Thistle Scotland, commissioned in 2016 by Jessika M. A. Rovell as a symbol of the business she founded in 2011.  It is registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans for the exclusive use of JMAR Unlimited.

​While tartan cloth is most closely identified with Scottish clans, many businesses use corporate tartans as part of their corporate identities and use them in their branding and products.  For JMAR Unlimited, the cloth is intended as a celebration of the founder's - and thereby the company's - values, meant to inspire hope, strength, and determination in those who see and wear it.  Its colours, yarn count, and density symbolise JMAR Unlimited's history and its future.​