JMAR Unlimited, LLC  

JMAR Unlimited was founded in 2011 in an effort to create something positive from a devastatingly negative and life-altering experience.  

Jessika is a sexual assault and domestic violence survivor.  When approached to speak about her experiences for the first time outside a court room or prosecutor's office - on national television, no less - Jessika viewed it as an opportunity to educate.  If she could impact even one person's life with her story, it was her responsibility to do so.  She did.

Several years later, Jessika founded JMAR Unlimited, which offers a range of services designed to facilitate realization of unlimited potential.  These include:

  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Training & Workshops
  • Keynote Remarks
  • Consulting Services
  • Articles & Essays

Jessika M. A. Rovell‚Äč

Coach.  Speaker.  Author.